Set forth a goal and we will do the rest


Development of marketing strategy is to bring the objectives, resources and capabilities of your company in accordance with the market situation. One of the most important things in this case is professionality of the team, who will develop a strategy for your company. Ideally, the team should include client’s company experts, clearly assessing its resources and understanding the objectives, as well as market experts who know everything about the market trends. With this prepared team the strategy turns to be fully-developed, clear and accurate.

The team of ‘Media Grus’ is ready to share its experience and knowledge in the field of market analysts, strategy development and new business promotion tools.

We offer:

Development of product positioning strategies on the market within the selected target audience.

‘Differentiate or die!’ ― one of the main laws of survival on the market. Every company must have its own unique positioning for consumers and differ from the competitors. Positioning the company ― this is the most favorable difference, which is formed in the minds of consumers. It is important to find the most favorable contrast to the company's products and build the whole strategy of positioning and development of your company on its base. The strategy is necessary not only to determine the advantageous features of the products, but also to plan how to inform consumer about the offered benefits and create a full image of the company.

Development of the company promotion concept on the market.

With your own unique contrast and positioning, you need to think about the message that you want to send to the consumer and which channel should be better used. Messages that you broadcast to your customers, should form your image and precisely reach necessary people in time, answering important questions of potential customers. Promotion concept is a system of communication with the market, which contains well-defined channels and ways to impact on a specific target audience. This system is the basis for planning and design of any advertising campaign.

Development of the company promotion media plan.

To implement the developed positioning strategy and the promotion concept a thoroughly researched plan of action is necessary. Our team will prepare a detailed implementation media plan with exact promote channels, channel efficiency indicators, timelines for each stage of the program and its value.