Set forth a goal and we will do the rest


Marketing communications agency of ‘Media Grus’ company provides a wide range of unique information and analytical services in the DC market, including the preparation of reports in accordance with the requirements of customers and the establishment of full information and reference databases.

Professionals working in ‘Media Grus’ company practice an integrated approach to solving theoretical problems, using original methods of research, evaluation of the current situation and forecast the further development of the DC market. The expertise of our team in the industry allows us to provide reliable information that best meets the client's requirements. Thanks to the excellent knowledge of our team on the latest trends in the DC market, we provide you with relevant information.

We offer:

Carrying out a ‘turnkey’ market research.

Preparation of analytical reports in different directions, showing a detailed and structured picture of the DC market. Overall assessment of the list of equipment and services, review of projects implemented with the use of certain modern technologies that are not widely used yet in Russia. These and other challenges will be taken over by Media Grus-team. We produce a comprehensive assessment, provide objective and verified information about the current state of the supply parameters, and demand on the DC market. Our team can produce analysis of the product line to solve the positioning issues of your brand and understanding of the specifics of entering this market.

Online surveys.

Handling powerful information resources and a wide range of contacts among the participants of the Russian DC market our team will organize a survey inside the desired target audience for whatever subject you are interested in. As a result, you will get collected and analyzed results as an easy to read tables and graphs.

Analysis of the channels and methods of product promotion.

Who is your customer? Where is their location? What is their interest? How to attract their attention? Where else can they be found and how to meet them? We will help you to find the answers on these and many other questions and build a new solution to improve the efficiency of your product promotion.

Comparative analysis of the competitive product.

In the course of detailed research we conduct a thorough analysis of the competitive environment in the DC market in Russia, compare the strategies of the market leaders that will provide you with the essential help in determining your own strategy. After reviewing the results of analyzes, you will be able to make an important decision, contributing to the further development of the company and choose the direction, which you should move to achieve your goal.

Big Data Center service providers and equipment manufacturers as well as companies engaged in investment in high-tech facilities and services buy specialized reports in our company. We are working on reports and databases, focusing on the needs and requirements of each client.

The main principles of ‘Media Grus’ — the objectivity of the information and the efficiency of reference database or report carried out by us. Our company uses only legal methods of obtaining information, referring to well-established Russian publishing houses, owning articles about the current situation on the DC market, sites, manufacturers and suppliers, statements obtained in the course of specialized conferences, and other sources.

The team of ‘Media Grus’ company prevents intentional or unintentional distortion of the facts and is guided by the rules of professional ethics. Some results of the research are published not only in the individual reports — they are freely available to a wide range of users on our information sites. In addition, obtained data during analysis is used for marketing promotion of products offered by you on the Russian DC market.