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Possessing its own unique information and analytical base, publishing house «Media Grus» provides both the domestic and international DC markets with high-quality and relevant content. Our highly qualified authors gained work experience in various companies involved in DC design, construction, operation, and service providing. Their high professional competence help us provide in-depth coverage of issues and market trends, transmit western experience, and inform the readership on the important events within the domestic DC industry.

«Professionals should be talked to with their own language only. An information resource may be of interest among specialists of different levels only if a «professional code» is strictly adhered. Inviting the most competent representatives of IT industry and Data Center construction industry as authors, we create a relevant knowledge base and a platform comfortable for experts to meet with each other and exchange invaluable experience».

Natalia Zhilkina, chief editor of "Media Grus" publishing house.


«DCJournal» — the only Russian-based specialized IT-magazine, revealing all DC design, building and operation aspects. The magazine’s specialization fields are: existing Data Centers and photo tours across ones, Russian and foreign DC design, building and operation experience, best Data Center practices and innovations, expert’s estimation and analytics, DC industry news: equipment, building schemes, optimization work recommendations etc.


«Cloudjournal» —the first magazine specializing on cloud technologies in Russian market. The goal is to provide readership with valid information on cloud services useful for our daily life, on profitable usage of cloud technologies in business, and on attractive investment cloud projects. Variety of topics and intelligible narration makes the magazine interesting for a wide audience.


«AllDC.ru» — a unique site where consumers and investors interests are concentrated. AllDC.ru is a knowledge base across all DC market segments: from vendors, distributors, integrators, providers and consumers to their technologies and services information.


«Telecombloger.ru» — ïthe first and one of the most visited professional sites for engineers. It oriented on Russian and Western DC markets. There are the biggest Russian Data Center catalog, the latest industry news, current development trends, industry experts advices and opinions, events, photo reports and photo tours from different Data Centers and etc.