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The community of DC industry representatives DCComm.club combines the managers and specialists, professionals from different areas of the industry. Behalf this project, DCComm.club members are able to promptly learn about industry events, receive a variety of themed newsletters, register for the event in one click, and more.

One of the most important instruments for the knowledge and ideas exchange within the industry are industry events — formal or informal meeting of professionals and experts in the telecommunications, Data Center and cloud computing fields. Such events allow uniting of many industry members to exchange views on current issues, trends, get to know different points of view on the problems existing in the industry, and their solutions, make new business connections and partnerships during performances, backstage interviews and informal contacts.

In this regard, we try to create the most comfortable conditions for efficient cooperation between the various industry participants, organizing high society receptions, overseas trips and tours across the technological platforms, nature meetings away from civilization. This diversity of formats allows as wide as possible range of experts to join the community, as well as creates a lot of occasion for professionals’ communication and establishment of joint projects, new ideas, unusual and unexpected solutions.

Everyone who is involved in the life of DC industry and those who are just about to join, we propose to join our community of professionals.

Informal event for executives of leading companies-operators of Data Centers in Russia and CIS countries. Due to the non-standard approach to the event organizing, participants have the opportunity to discuss questions in a pleasant, emotional atmosphere.
  Traveling to learn the best international practices in the field of design, construction and operation of Data Centers, the experience exchange between the participants of events and establishment of business contacts.
  The contest, which allows to show that women can act not only on a par with men, but also ahead of them in many respects in the field of high technologies and engineering services.