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DC Lady Award ― a competition, which main aim is to represent and cover activities of women on senior positions in the DC industry.

It is considered that the DC design, construction and operation is exclusively men's business. The male approach is fundamental to the implementation of various business solutions, so business-ladies, whose projects are successful as well, often remain in the shadows. DCLady Award has become an important event that allows us to show that women can act not only on a par with men, but also ahead of them in many respects in the sphere of high technologies and engineering services.

Within the DCLady Award organizers select the most worthy members of the industry and introduce them, demonstrating their personal and professional victories and success stories of the companies in which they played a leading role to the market participants.

The format of the competition allows them to emphasize the individuality and demonstrate not only their business but also personal qualities that helped business-women to be successful in resolving not so easy tasks, contributing to the development of high-tech DC market.

DCLady Award includes several nominations and the award ceremony is held annually under the spring DC Party event.

Goal: presentation and coverage of the activities of women on senior positions in the DC industry.