28.05.2014 The 7th issue of «TsODy.RF» magazine is out!

Publishing house «Media Grus» offers you a 7th issue of «TsODy.RF» magazine.

New issue of «TsODy.RF» magazine focuses on two technologies. Those are containerized data centers and free cooling. What do they have in common? Principle of use – no matter what innovative technologies a client is offered, he should make choices with a cool head and sober calculation. It is important to think several moves ahead and estimate how much exactly it will cost to operate such a system and what'll be the ROI period.

New issue also addresses the problems related to gas immersion system, and features some expert solutions that most effectively meet the requirements of Data Center uptime.

Working on each subsequent issue of our magazine, we strive to gather all the most relevant technologies, provide the readership with info on the latest trends, and critically examine all occurring questions. All of that is supposed to make «ÖÎÄû.ÐÔ» magazine extremely interesting and useful to all of the Data Center market participants.

For more info on the 7th issue of our magazine, please visit: http://dcjournal.ru/archive/ed7/

The 8th issue of our magazine, which will be out in August 2014, will focus on standards related to the Data Center industry.